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Available UG Certificates at University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (Sep/Fall 2024 )

 University of Regina 

The University of Regina, established in 1911 as a denominational high school, evolved into a public research institution in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan since 1925, it boasts an enrollment of over 15,000 students. Renowned for its emphasis on experiential learning, the university provides internships, placements, and practicums across 41 programs. Notably, the UR Guarantee Program, initiated in 2009, ensures participating students a successful career launch by integrating education with practical experience. Collaborations with provincial entities and private corporations enhance work opportunities and post-graduation employment for students.

Available UG Certificate in University of Regina

  •  Certificate in Reconciliation Studies Certificate ( 1 year) - The Certificate in Reconciliation Studies is an 18-credit program, consisting of 6 courses, offered by various departments at the First Nations University of Canada. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that introduces students to initiatives aimed at bridging the divide between First Nations and non-First Nations communities in Canada. The program includes courses from departments such as INHS, INSW, INDG, EIND, IHSW, ILP, and ADMIN, providing students with a diverse range of options. The program is accessible both on-campus and online, allowing flexibility for participants.
  • Certificate in Foundations for Nursing (1 year) - The Foundations for Nursing Certificate is designed for those considering enrollment in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) program. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who wish to reduce their workload during the initial year, establish a strong groundwork for the SCBScN program, and showcase proficiency in courses specifically aligned with the SCBScN curriculum.
  • Certificate in Economics (1-2 year) - The Economics Certificate is designed for students aiming to demonstrate to potential employers that they have completed a series of economics courses. The program mandates the completion of ECON 201 and 202, along with five additional economics courses, ENGL 100, and two elective courses from a range of approved options in various academic disciplines.
  • Certificate of Extended Studies in inclusive Education (1-2 year) - The Certificate of Extended Studies in Inclusive Education offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills in creating an inclusive learning environment. This program adopts a needs-based perspective on inclusive education, emphasizing the significance of personalized, adaptable, and responsive support for students. By acquiring essential tools and techniques, you can adeptly assist your students while ensuring a harmonious and effective classroom environment.
  • Certificate in Indigenous Management (1-2 year) - The Indigenous Management Certificate is designed for individuals either gearing up for administrative careers or currently holding administrative roles. Offered by the First Nations University of Canada, this program allows students to specialize in Indigenous Management. Elective options are available, allowing students to concentrate on administrative aspects within First Nations organizations.
  • Pre-nursing Certificate (1-2 year) - The Pre-nursing Certificate is tailored for prospective candidates interested in the SCBScN After Degree Nursing Program (ADNP) but lacking the necessary prerequisites for admission. This program caters to individuals who require specific courses to meet admission criteria. The Pre-Nursing Certificate Program is accessible throughout Saskatchewan, as all the required courses are offered online.
  • Certificate in International Studies (1-2 year) -  The Certificate in International Studies is open to both students majoring in international studies and those from other academic disciplines. To obtain the certificate, you must complete 10 courses (equivalent to 30 credit hours). This includes essential international studies core courses and an additional six courses chosen from one of the concentrations within international studies.
  • Certificate in Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation (1 year) - The Certificate in Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation (NSLI) is an undergraduate-level program consisting of five courses. Developed in collaboration with Luther College and the Faculty of Arts, this certificate offers an introduction to leadership within nonprofit and voluntary organizations. Geared towards students seeking knowledge for potential paid employment or voluntary roles in the nonprofit sector, the program covers essential aspects such as nonprofit organization structure, management, human resources, communications, and strategic planning. All courses are based on a community-engaged, experiential learning model to provide practical insights into the field.
  • Certificate in Justice Studies (1 year) - The Certificate in Justice Studies, a 30-credit program offered by the Faculty of Arts, introduces students to criminal and social justice matters in both Canadian and international contexts. Alongside this, students engage with liberal arts courses, gaining exposure to diverse disciplinary perspectives and approaches. The program emphasizes the development of analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Certificate in Liberal Arts (1 year) - The Liberal Arts Certificate offers a comprehensive exploration of a wide range of subjects that have broad relevance in life, without being specific to any particular profession or trade. This certificate program provides a quick and efficient way to earn a credential, making it a versatile option. Additionally, it can act as a fundamental stepping stone for those looking to pursue further education, either through a diploma or a degree.
  • Certificate in Media, Art, & Performance (1 year) - The Certificate in Media, Art, & Performance is rooted in the traditional concept of a comprehensive university education. It offers fundamental studies in various Media, Art, and Performance subjects, providing a balanced introduction to essential learning skills. Importantly, this certificate is applicable across all Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees within the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance. It serves as a foundational exploration in these fields, complementing and contributing to broader academic pursuits.
  • Advance Certificate in Public Relation and communication management (1-2 year) - Enhance your proficiency in public relations and communication management through the Advanced Certificate program. This opportunity allows you to refine your skills in either communications or public relations, providing a distinct advantage in a rapidly expanding field. The specialized knowledge gained can open up diverse career opportunities in sectors like nonprofits, sports and recreation, events, fine arts, government, and beyond. Invest in your professional growth and explore new possibilities in these dynamic industries.
  • Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment Management (1-2 year) - The Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism, and Gaming Entertainment Management equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic and growing sector of the economy. The credits earned in this program can be used for advancing studies at both the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina. For those with aspirations for a more extensive academic journey, it is advisable to seek academic advising early in the program to plan a comprehensive and well-informed course of study.
  • Certificate in Statistics (2 year) - The Statistics Certificate, spanning two years, is well-suited for students pursuing a major in another subject but aiming to attain formal recognition for their fundamental understanding of statistics. Due to the prerequisite framework, completing the certificate necessitates at least four semesters of study. This program allows individuals to formally acknowledge their proficiency in statistics alongside their primary academic focus.
  • Certificate in Visual Arts (2 year) - The Visual Arts Certificate is tailored for individuals with a bachelor's degree or substantial professional experience in visual arts. It provides dedicated time, space, and expert guidance for those preparing for graduate school (MFA) or seeking to enhance their professional practices, such as applying for professional exhibitions. Whether aspiring for further academic pursuits or aiming to refine artistic skills for career advancement, this program offers valuable support and resources.
  • Certificate in Administration (1-2 year) - The Administration Certificate is comprised of degree credit courses in Business Administration, Arts, and electives. It serves as a progression for students who have already completed the Certificate in Administration Level I, allowing them to further enhance their knowledge and skills. Successful completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours is required to obtain this certificate. This program is structured to build upon the foundational education acquired in the initial level of the Administration Certificate.
  • Advance Certificate in Local Government Administration (1-2 year) - Expand your understanding of topics related to local government issues and administration through the Advanced Certificate in Local Government Administration (ACLGA) program. This program is designed to be flexible and easily accessible, allowing individuals to delve deeper into the intricacies of local government administration.
  • Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture (2 year) - Enrolling in the Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture offers various compelling reasons. Learning Chinese provides the ability to communicate with a significant portion of the world's population, about one-fifth to be precise. Additionally, delving into the study of Chinese opens the door to exploring a civilization with a history spanning over 5,000 years, allowing for a deeper understanding of its rich culture and history. By undertaking this journey, individuals can emerge as more knowledgeable and insightful global citizens. Despite the perception of Chinese having a distinct writing system compared to English or European languages, it is not as challenging as one might think.
  • Certificate in Francophone and intercultural studies (1-2 year) - The Certificate in Francophone and Intercultural Studies is centered around La Cité universitaire francophone, serving as the primary hub for French-language university activities, research, and services at the University of Regina and throughout the province. Distinguished by its truly interdisciplinary nature, the French and Francophone Intercultural Studies graduate programs are unique in Canada. This design enables you to explore your interests within a broader academic context, fostering interaction with colleagues in interconnected fields.
  • Certificate Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education (1-2 year) - The Extended Studies Certificate in Aboriginal Education offers a dynamic and adaptable approach, addressing a need for comprehensive cross-cultural teacher training. At the heart of this program is a focus on firsthand experiences and the cultivation of a heightened awareness and appreciation for Aboriginal history and culture. This involves validating Aboriginal/Indigenous knowledge through interactions with Elders, engaging in field trips, listening to guest speakers, participating in simulations, and attending community events. The program aims to provide a rich and immersive learning environment to enhance understanding and respect for Aboriginal perspectives in education.
  • Certificate Extended Studies in First Nations Language (1-2 year) - Individuals applying for the Extended Studies Certificate in First Nations Language should possess a Bachelor of Education degree with a foundation in Cree and Saulteaux languages, demonstrating a desire to enhance their expertise in teaching First Nations languages. Proficiency in a First Nations Language is highly recommended for applicants to this program.
  • Certificate Extended Studies in Inclusive Education (1-2 year) - Elevate your understanding and proficiency in creating an inclusive classroom environment through the Extended Studies Certificate in Inclusive Education. This program adopts a needs-based perspective, emphasizing the significance of tailored, adaptable, and responsive support for students. Equipping yourself with essential tools and techniques enables you to effectively assist your students while maintaining a balanced and effective classroom approach.
  • Certificate in Science (1 year) - The Science Certificate, specifically the Foundations of Science Certificate, is a one-year introductory program. The courses required for this certificate are transferable and can contribute to either the Diploma in General Science or a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Regina. It's noteworthy that the Diploma in General Science extends over two years.
  • Certificate in German Language and Culture (1-2 year) - The German Language and Culture Certificate is crafted to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of German culture along with establishing fundamental language proficiency. The program encompasses ENGL 100, four German language courses, a culture course in German taught in English, and four elective courses approved from various disciplines, offering students a choice in their academic exploration.
  • Certificate in  Indigenous Language (1-2 year) - The Indigenous Language Certificate I is a 5-course program designed to acquaint students with both spoken and written aspects of a chosen Indigenous language. Available language specializations include, but are not restricted to, Cree, Saulteaux (Ojibwe), Dene, Dakota, and Nakota. This certificate serves not only as a standalone accomplishment but also as a foundation for further studies, including an Arts minor, the Indigenous Language Certificate II, or, for Cree and Saulteaux, a comprehensive degree program. Additionally, it can pave the way for specialized studies in language instruction through Indigenous Education.
  • Certificate of Indigenous Literatures in English (1-2 year) - The Certificate of Indigenous Literatures in English provides students with a foundational understanding of Indigenous literary works in the English language. It is available to all literature or Indigenous issues students, offering them recognition for incorporating a significant aspect of Indigenization into their academic pursuits.

Application Fees


Processing Time

6-8 weeks


Sep 2024

Academic Requirement



Overall 6.5 (not less than 6.0)


Each 59


Overall 83 (not less than 20)


Overall 120 ( not less than 105)

Note: English Proficency Test is not required from English Speakers or English Speaking Countries. 

Documents required for Applications in University of Regina –

  • Passport
  • Academics (10th & 12th)
  • CV/Resume of the Student
  • Email ID and Contact No
  • Gap justification (if any)

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