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Canada College Inc. Montreal (Canada)


Is a leading institution for higher education in Montreal, Quebec, offering a diverse range of academic programs and resources to students. With a strong focus on college admissions, the college ensures that the application process is easy and accessible for all prospective students.


Business Administration & Commerce 

This program covers various areas of business, including finance, accounting, marketing, management, and operations, to develop students’ understanding of the fundamentals of business and equip them with the necessary skills to pursue careers in a wide range of industries.

Database Administration

This program teaches students how to manage, design, and maintain databases, including tasks such as data modeling, installation, configuration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, and security management.

Digital Marketing

This program teaches students how to use digital marketing channels to promote products and services and build brand awareness. Students learn how to develop and implement digital marketing strategies using tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising

Early Childhood Education 

This program prepares students for careers working with young children, in a variety of educational and care settings such as preschools, kindergartens, and daycares. Students learn about child development, child psychology, and early childhood education theories and methods, as well as practical skills such as lesson planning, curriculum development, and classroom management.

Digital Content Creation

Students willl learn how to create, edit and publish digital content for various digital platforms, such as social media, websites, and mobile devices. Students learn how to use various tools and software to produce videos, graphics, animations, and interactive media that engage and inform audiences.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence course is a program that teaches students how to use data analytics tools and techniques to interpret and analyze business data to make informed decisions.

Health Assistance and Nursing  

To acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to differentiate between health and illness; acquire the knowledge and ability to understand and apply the techniques learned, establish a helping role with those with health needs, engage in team work within the modern health organization, communicate effectively with patients and their family, with superiors and with other health team members

Institutional Home Care Assistance

The Institutional and Home Care Assistance program prepares students for the trade or occupation of patient service associate and home support worker in the health and social services sector.

Admissions Requirements 

  • Application form duly completed Passport
  • Diploma and transcripts with its translation in English or French (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate with its translation in English or French (if applicable)
  • TEF Niveau B2 (Language instruction in French)
  • CAQ
  • Study permit
  • Quebec health insurance

Application Fees


Processing Time

2-4 Days


Sep 2024

Academic Requirement



Overall 6.0 

Tuition Fees

  1. Business Administration & Commerce ($18,500)
  2. Database Administration ($18,500)
  3. Digital Marketing ($20,825)
  4. Early Childhood Education ($18,500)
  5. Digital Content Creation ($20,650)
  6. Business Intelligence Analyst ($19,500)
  7. Health Assistance and Nursing  ($36,000)
  8. Institutional Home Care Assistance ($18,500)

Duration of all programs is 2 years.


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