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Cestar Collège, Campus Longueuil

The Cestar Collège, Campus Longueuil campus is located on Chemin du Coteau-rouge Boulevard, near Montreal. One can be impressed by easily transport or by car, restaurants and shops of all kinds and perks. One of the designated campuses for administration and student services in Longueuil.

The Longueuil Campus offers a lot of professional training. It is a dynamic, stimulating and warm living environment that facilitates the integration of learning and the development of life skills in the workplace.

The Cestar College is a beacon of academic excellence and career-oriented in the locus heart of Quebec. All modern facilities offer student a unique facility so they can live and able to learn to the supportive environment


Cestar College is situated under the prime location i.e. across the river from Montreal. The city Longueuil is bustled with the convenience of urban location. The College campus is easily accessible by public transit and make it one of the best locations for students attracting them from Montreal Region.


Programs offered by Cestar College  and with particular fees:


  1. Accounting DVS 5731 - $17,090 (1350 hours)
  2.   Secretarial Studies DVS 5857 - $19,190 (1485 hours)
  3. Medical Office Specialist DVS 5857+AVS 5874 - $24,809 (1485+450 hours)
  4. Secretarial Studies+Legal DVS 5873+AVS 5873 - $24,809 (1485+450 hours)



In Nutshell,

Cestar College’s Longueuil campus is more than just a place to study; it’s a vibrant community where students can grow both academically and personally. With its excellent location, experienced faculty, and vibrant community, the Longueuil campus is an ideal choice for anyone looking to advance their education and career.

Come visit us and discover why Cestar College is the perfect place to start your journey to success!


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