The School of Show Business (ÉSB) is the Montreal Campus of the Universal College. Founded in 1994, the ÉSB is authorized by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology to offer college-level programs (AEC).

The mission of the ÉSB is to train a competent succession of people in the technical trades related to information technology, the stage, the cinema, television sets, marketing and event management.

With its resources and its great technical and pedagogical expertise acquired over more than 20 years of existence, the ÉSB is a must-have force in the field of college education, in Montreal and internationally.

Our students benefit from the rich potential of a highly qualified teaching staff directly from the professional community, dedicated administrative staff and a long-standing partnership between the School and the workplace.

Our graduates are recognized as passionate and competent workers, very active on the technological and artistic scene, in Quebec and internationally. The technical knowledge, the pragmatism of the training they acquire and the network of contacts they develop at the ÉSB allow them to integrate the labor market with ease.

Redefining and constantly following the evolution of the technological, cultural and artistic environment in order to offer quality training to our students is our vision shared by all the staff of École du Show-Business.

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Program List of Show-Business SCHOOL (ESB) (7 Programs)