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Program Description:

Holders of the diploma "Web design will be able to edit, format and integrate different information capsules in successful websites. At the end of their studies and as editors and integrators, the graduates of the program are able to produce websites in all fields. They care about technical criteria, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects which are the basis of a successful website. They work on the production of images and visuals as well as the integration of typographies in web pages. In addition, graduates are able to perform all maintenance, technical support and updating of a website. They ensure the proper functioning of the server and take corrective measures in the event of a problem.

Diploma In Web Design Techniques- AEC

Show-Business SCHOOL (ESB)
1st Year Fees: 9,300$$  (Total: 18,600$$)

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Diploma /Vocational
Class XII / Senior Secondary / WAEC